Eight Naughty Nights


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Can a holiday fling with an expiration date turn into a second chance with the one who got away? 

Instead of her usual trip home to celebrate Hanukkah, Laura is spending the holiday mourning her mom’s recent death. Dealing with her bitter aunt and sorting through the gift shop she inherited aren’t feeding her holiday cheer; she needs something to take her mind off her grief and confusion. After years of flirtation, and one night making out years ago, her friend Brady seems like an obvious solution. She proposes they give in to their mutual attraction and spend the eight days of her visit getting to know each other horizontally.

Brady has been in love with globe-trotting Laura since they first kissed when they were teens. Every time she leaves, it hurts more than the last. He knows moving past friendship means it will crush him this time when she walks away, but how can he turn down her offer of exactly what he’s dreamed of? Especially when she’s dealing with her mom’s death and uncertainty about her future. He doesn’t want to tie her down, but as the days pass, it gets harder to imagine letting her go.

How does he convince her that everything she’s been searching for is right here, without destroying the free spirit he loves?

DisclaimerEight Naughty Nights delivers Star Wars references, spankings, Hanukkah and Christmas celebrations, a second chance at the one that got away, and a lifetime supply of sexy bartender in a Santa hat. And lots of delicious, naughty sex.

Available in ebook or paperback at Amazon