Service With a Smolder


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Even across the distance between our windows, I knew the instant his dark eyes saw me. I could almost feel his gaze as a caress over my body. He watched me with an almost-smile that said we shared a secret.

Nina’s got a lot on her mind: getting settled in her new apartment, her upcoming med school rotation in the emergency department, and her diet-obsessed mother and sister constantly harping on her weight. Which totally explains letting her neighbor catch a front row view of her naked self through the uncovered window. Her new smoking hot neighbor. Who also happens to be the cashier at her neighborhood grocery store. She should be embarrassed, but there’s something about Kam that sparks Nina’s exhibitionist side for the first time. A week of scorching sexts and showing off at the window for each other ends in an explosive night together. Little by little, he pushes her out of her sexual comfort zone. And Kam’s encouragement gives her the courage she needs to take chances in other areas of her life.

Up close, Nina discovers Kam has scars of his own. Literal scars that hint at a devastating past, but Kam won’t talk about what he’s been through. Mind-blowing sex might be a great way to avoid the pain, but Nina needs him to open up if they’re ever going to be more than a booty call. Kam has already pushed Nina’s sexual boundaries to their limit, but can she convince him that together they can create a brand new comfort zone?

DisclaimerService With a Smolder delivers fast cars, phone sex, judgmental older sisters, the thrill of getting caught, and a lifetime supply of sexy grocery boy. And lots of delicious, smoldering sex.

Available in ebook or paperback at Amazon