Editing & Author Services

Need copyediting for your book? Or a careful line edit/proofreading? Perhaps you need your book converted to ebook. Or formatted for a print version. I can help. I’ve been freelance editing for several year and have worked as a copyeditor and editorial assistant. My strength is adult romance, but I’ve done contemporary YA, science fiction, mystery, memoir, and general non-fiction.

If you’re looking for help in these areas, contact me below. Please include the genre of your book and intended age, the word count (within a few thousand words is fine), and the timeframe you’re looking at.

Sample rates (subject to change):

  • Copyediting: $0.005/word
    • includes fact-checking, sentence structure improvement, white space assessment, spelling & grammar, continuity issues.
  • Proofreading/Line editing: $0.0035/word
    • spelling, grammar, typos, etc.
  • Convert Word document to ebook: $75/book
    • includes mobi (Amazon) and epub (all other retailers) formats
  • Format book for print version: $100/book
    • includes conversion for 1 retailer